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Channeled written messages from your Spirit Guides or Loved Ones via email!

These messages are a condensed version of a reading with Donna; a little snippet. You will receive what you are meant to, in this present moment, for your evolution!

During a group event like this, I ask participants to fill out a card with their name  on it. I collect the cards and without looking at them, channel a quick message from Spirit. They are typically 3-5 sentences and there may be added info that I receive also.

How It Works:

Contact me through email, (payment is made through Paypal in advance) and I will compose a written message from Spirit in the body of an email  just for you. All I need is your name or the name of a loved one.

With only your name, or the name of a loved one, I will channel a written message from the world of Spirit just for you. This message will be exactly what you need to hear at this present time. It may be a message of love, support, guidance, or confirmation. This message will be something to keep in front of you—maybe hang on your fridge or post at your desk—as a daily reminder. I will also write about the vision I see during this message.

Your personal message may come from a spirit guide, a loved one in non-physical, your higher self, or an archangel. I don’t always write who it is from (although sometimes that does come through); that is for you to decipher. It’s important to notice the feelings you have while reading your message.

To receive your message from a loved one in Spirit, simply give me their name (first name or first and last name) and I will channel a written message from them. You will receive confirmation that I am speaking with them in Spirit and any message they may have for you.

These messages are typically 5-6 sentences long, with an added description of what I see in my vision.

Cost: $30 for your written email from Spirit! AND you receive $20 off a private reading with me! BONUS!

Here’s one I just sent out to a client (with her permission)…

“The path is wide open for you. There is beauty in the flowers, tress, vines and grasses along your way. Sometimes that beauty blocks your view. Do not cut it down. Touch it. Feel it. Thank it for showing you true beauty. Then walk along with that same beauty. For you are beauty. You are truth. You are love.”

And another with the interpretation of what I saw:

“My way could be your way. If you look hard enough, you will see the light shining there…just there, at the end of that path. Showers fall, but the rain does not touch you, the rain only touches the grass and the flowers. As you walk, life springs below you. Animals cavort around you. You are the light. When you walk the sun goes with you. You are the sun. When you are cold, the sun warms you. You are the warmth. There is never a need to push anything out of the way. The path is always clear for you. Your choice is to walk it or stand still for just a moment. We urge you to stand still for just a moment many times, and take in the view.”
I see, for this image, you walking down a path. Almost like you are Snow White…and everything comes to life around you as you walk. Your hands are out-stretched, as birds and butterflies land on them. Bunnies and squirrels run around at your feet, wanting to be in your company. The trees sway to get a glimpse of you and the flowers stand taller when you walk by. The moments to stand and take in your surroundings, will be many. It’s okay to do that. Stop and not only smell the roses, but let them smell you. It goes both ways!

Here are some examples of messages that others have received during a night of ‘Conversation with Spirit:’

This participant asked for some ‘guidance from Spirit.’ She received a prayer. During the next few weeks, she used this prayer often. Spirit knew that she would need this going forward, and she received just what she needed.

A prayer from Spirit.








This next one was for me! (If it’s a small group, I will put my name in the basket too. When I channel the message, I DO NOT know who it is for.)  I remember this one like it was yesterday.

As I was writing it, I was thinking, This is a good one. After I opened the card and realized it was me, I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. I put it on my desk and got busy with other things. A couple days later I went back to it and realized WHO was speaking to me!

If you want to know more about the entity that wants his voice to be heard, open this link with an open mind. Because your mind is going to be blown anyway!

Here’s a picture of the message for me:

Anu’s message for Donna









Comments from clients about ‘Written Messages:’

“We really enjoyed your event. My question was answered above and beyond what I expected so wanted to say thank you so much.”                         KM, Seattle

“Wow. That is so beautiful. These messages always make me feel so special.” SB, CA

“Thank you! When I first read it, it made me happy because I often feel there are blocks in my path. The flowers, tree vines and grasses are very well distractions, or so that is my interpretation.” NR, Seattle