“Donna does not advertise herself as a health medium but in my few interactions with her she has provided me with highly valuable insights towards my health. I would not have received this elsewhere and it has helped me in eliminating diet soda which I was addicted to.

Donna channels spirit and is able to tune into whatever we need to hear. For me it has been related to my career. There was a point when I was on medication due to stress and her advice which was related to displaying an image helped calm me at work. Every interaction with Donna is helpful and honest. I always trust the guidance she receives from Spirit and the things she knows, astonish me every time.

I also genuinely like Donna as a person. She is very relatable and kind. I also like when spirit comes through and shows their sense of humor.”  Natalie R
Seattle, WA

“Donna is a highly gifted medium. She is able to compassionately deliver and decode messages from beyond.  She is conscientious about affirming a solid understanding of what’s being communicated before moving on to a new topic. Donna is an authentic teacher. She has taught me to trust my gifts and has helped raise my confidence in them. Through her genuine teachings I have a greater understanding of my  abilities and how I can utilize my abilities to help others.”
Manassas, VA

"Just listening to this again and in such gratitude for how you shifted me in such a short period of time. You are amazing and strong and I thank you so much for your time and generosity! I look forward to continuing to work with you and sending more people your way. And to have the patience with me as I hear myself...so much appreciation I have . XO XO"                                                                                                   TT, Florida

“My sessions with Donna have been fascinating. I have learnt so much about who I am now and who I have been. I have learnt so much about how my past life experiences have made an impact on my life today, and in learning about them, I have begun to heal parts of myself that I never thought were broken but that were very real and very present anxieties in my life today.
Donna’s sessions have been positively life-changing. I have an awareness of self now that wasn’t there before. I have personally learned that I have always been able to read the ‘signs,’ I just didn’t realize that is what I was doing. I wish I could get into specific examples from my sessions for anyone that might be reading, but instead I encourage you to try it for yourself. If you are at all intrigued, reach out to her. She has the answers you didn’t know you needed and I am grateful that I stumbled upon her. (But of course, that was always the plan).
I am excited to continue my sessions and continue this education of self and spirit. I have so much more to learn.”
Sarah, CA

“I have taken classes with Donna, had private readings and even booked a group reading, so I am obviously a fan! Donna has a way of getting to exactly what you need to hear when you are in a session with her. I felt shifts and releasing after both my classes and readings with her.  I even had spontaneous memories of past lives that came up to give me more information on my journey. Spirit worked through her to cause the healing shifts within me.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity and healing in their life, she will help you take the next steps on your path. She is an amazing healer and a gift!”
Manassas, VA

“Interestingly, the 9-month lock-up of my trapezius muscles suddenly took a noticeable turn for the better over the weekend!”  DF, California

“Thank you again for all your time this a.m. It was very well presented! Feels like I’ve been brought up to speed with my core issue existing to this point in my life.”

“Thank you for the Channels today. J and I had some wonderful conversation this evening. We both stalled in our awakening, (at the same time I think) Time to get back at it………I think a lot of locked up energy was released for me around the death of our son Michael. It feels easier to think about our life together…BIG thanks for that one.”

“Donna did readings for me, my husband and my sister (all separately) and her insight and readings were so right on for each of us. I encourage anyone who is considering it to do it! You won’t be sorry.”
Atlanta, GA

“I had a reading with Donna earlier this year. I found it to be very empowering and the energies that came through were very healing and clearing.”
Stafford, VA

“I just wanted to say thank you for my reading today. It was like no other reading I have ever had. You truly are inspirational. And I’m so glad I know you.”
New Jersey

Also ever since I met you I have had interesting things happening! I think maybe you are a good luck charm, ha! Maybe your reading healed me, or it’s just timing, I don’t know, but things seem to be opening up. It’s very exciting, so thank you, thank you! I think you are very gifted!

Seattle, WA

“During my first reading with Donna, her words and imagery touched the deepest meanings of my spiritual journey — many of which were hanging out at the edges of my consciousness while I allowed myself to be distracted by other things. She effectively brought me back to the focus of my life with the details of her message.

The second reading surprised me in a different way. The souls who came through needed something, and with Donna’s skill, we helped ourselves and others while bringing my attention again to the central questions of my journey in this life.
Donna’s abilities and openness are inspiring. Someone who wishes to hear the truth in different forms will find a gift waiting — always given with love”
Jo B.

“My first session with Donna was about opening up and getting to know the process and learning from that and establishing belief in the validity of mediums, since this was my first session ever with a medium.  My second session, there was the ability to deal with hard stuff if you want to…a healing session for me with past lives. My third session I received advice from Angels, my parents and friends – it took time to get advice.  My fourth session, Donna gave me some deep introspective advice about my growth.  In summary, for me, each session was completely different and each one built from the previous one.  The outcome is cumulative growth and healing both on your level and also for your loved ones who have passed into non-physical.”

I have just been riding high since last Sunday.  What an incredibly powerful reading you gave!  What a blessing to have such healing”

“Due to the environment in which I live all my life, I’ve been skeptic of mediums. The only reason I’ve started doing readings was because I was having serious concerns because of existential doubts and some important decisions I was about to take and this was the only possible help left. When my first reading with Donna (and first reading ever) finished, everything became very clear to me, somehow her (or spirit’s) words made me discern about my life in a way that let me relieve the fears I had and made me confident about what decisions to take.

I am not sure about how it works yet, how she manages to know some personal facts about my life that not even close friends or family know, or how she can predict future events… those things took me by surprise, they made me redefine the concept I had about life. But what I do know after a couple of readings now, is that I keep learning more about myself and this part of life that I was missing. Thanks for the joy you have helped bring into my life Donna.”

David B

“I thoroughly enjoyed our reading. There was so much meaningful content, it was a lot to take in. I left our session feeling very connected. Thank you for that.”

For me, I had not experienced anything like this nor did I know it was possible until that day. Donna described my two best friends and my Dad in spirit, right down to the details and mannerisms.  She definitely is blessed to be connected to the spiritual world and her heart is pure. She loves helping people to have closure.

“…your reading was a lot different from my first with you….you are quicker at translating what’s coming to you, you are communicating with more of the non physical, and you are right on the money. You have progressed immensely, I’m impressed. You have given me deeper insight to my health and spiritual progress than either of my other mentors, I can see why ur guides want u to do only this work…u r gifted”
Sharon N.

“I recently had the wonderful experiential gift of a reading by Donna. It was uplifting, inspiring and the vibration of the words and message resonated deep inside my being. She also picked up my animal spirit guide who I had met many times during my own journeys. It was additional validation of her gifts and abilities to tap into the unseen realms and receive accurate information!! I highly recommend Donna for insights and guidance on your Spiritual Journey”  
Love, Light and Laughter,
Diane D.
Stafford, VA

“The information that Donna revealed to me during my reading resonated powerfully. Occurrences in past lives helped me to see current situations in a completely different light. Having this knowledge has helped me to approach them with a deeper understanding of what is actually happening, rather than having a knee-jerk reaction” 
Fredericksburg, VA

“She can see things others can’t. She uses her higher sense perception to pick up on the energies around you, offering very detailed and informing guidance.  Her readings are easily accessible and practical. I love her work!”
Stafford, VA

“Donna really takes a skeptic out of the nonbeliever seat. Being the first medium I have gone to, she delivered messages that were confirmed within two days. Not only that, but she was thorough and knowledgeable on further questioning.” 
Fredericksburg, VA

From the beginning of Donna’s reading I felt the energetic connection. Her description of what she was seeing resonated completely with how I was feeling at that precise time. The message was a confirmation of the healing that has been taking place.”
Fredericksburg, VA

Oregon Coast

I am grateful for Donna ‘s readings. They have brought me clarity about important decisions I needed to make. I got absolute confirmation that I am on the right path after hearing from spirit, my guides, and departed loved ones. One of the things I like best are Donna ‘s guided meditations, I get lost in them!”
Stafford, VA



Vibrant Health Institute

What Donna’s Yoga Students Are Saying:

“Donna’s gentle voice, soft touch, and her commitment to one’s overall well-being will certainly guide you….as it did for me for many, many years.”
Warren VT

“Donna has the most wonderful ability to read the energy of the room and plan her yoga class accordingly. She always knew what each and every person needed at that moment in the class and would weave a pose that would support every person individually and collectively.”

“Yoga with Donna’s guidance is renewing and invigorating.  She creates a very supportive and safe environment to grow and learn.  Each session I found myself restored and ready to go back to work.  And she is a lot of fun, class is never dull.  Go for it!  You’ll love the class and her!”


Union City, MI

“I’ve never had a “bad” yoga class.  But it takes a special something or someone to keep me coming back. Donna provides for me a safe practice that is challenging physically (while still honoring my body) and a spiritual haven that leaves me feeling peaceful and refreshed at the end of every class.  Donna is a beautiful, talented lady who you cannot help but benefit from being in her presence.  I miss her terribly! “

“Working with Donna has been a wonderful experience.  She has a great approach to strengthening and stretching that leaves me feeling relaxed and having had a great workout.  Don’t pass up the chance to work with her.”