Three of my spirit guides. Dr. Vilicki, Princess Laura, Shah Jahan

In this episode, Spirit Guides:

  • Who are Inner Band Spirit Guides and what do they do?
  • Who are our Outer Band Spirit Guides and why are they here?
  • What is the definition of an Angel? Are they always around?
  • What about our loved ones? Can they help us? Are they near us all the time?


Donna’s guides:

  • How I received mine. Rev Hoyt. Meditate with them


The back of a spirit card. Guides.

Inner Band Guides:

  • Joy guide – Joy, childlike, have some fun, all ages
  • Protector Guide – Cars, trips, feeling alone
  • Teacher – Great for tests, learning new things
  • Alchemist – Changes, physical health, situations
  • Master Teacher – Always behind you/above, less talk, unconditional love
  • BIG THING…you don’t have to wait to know them. Just ask


Outer Band Guides:

  • Come at a time when we need them. Ex. Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, Jerry Hicks.
  • The way I see it…big crowd and the main guy says…
  • OR…you’ve lived with them in a past life.
  • OR…You can ask for anyone you want. Need to make speeches? Ask Mr. Lincoln. Which historic figure do you think can help you in your current situation? Or ask a loved one in spirit. Connect with the higher realms and anyone there.



  • To me, Angels are everywhere. They are spirit guides, your loved ones, archangels.
  • What do you need right now? Angel of happiness? Angel of abundance? Business Angel?
  • How I see them…yes, with wings, not male or female.



  • First, they are always around you, but are they close enough to speak to?
  • You must allow them in, not hold onto them as they were here in physical. Tell Angel story.
  • Depending on which level they are in in spirit world
    • Feathers – story of parking lot
    • Pennies – airport under luggage wheel
    • Dreams – speak to you or give you a feeling

You can ask them anytime to help or come to you in any way. Speak to them, they want to help.