Donna in Seattle

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Donna Boyle is an Oracle, a Medium, Writer, Reiki healer, and teacher of yoga, meditation, and consciousness. Her connection to souls in the non-physical world has only deepened her own spiritual practice and allowed her to realize her own soul purpose in this lifetime. Today she works with clients individually and in groups as a clear channel for spirit, bringing guidance to spark their own soul journey. The journey begins within. Let’s start an evolution!

My gifts became evident after Jerry Hicks appeared to me from the non-physical realm in March of 2012 (I had no idea who he was when he first appeared to me). Since then I have been on the fast track and having a joyful time with Spirit. It was later on that I came to the realization I spoke to spirit as a child.

I connect, on any given day and whenever the spirit moves me, with Jerry Hicks, Abraham (the entity that Esther Hicks channels), my inner band Spirit Guides, President Abraham Lincoln, Metatron, The Great Masters, Israel (my interpreter guide), Rabbi Isaac Luria and St. Catherine…to name a few.

During a reading I will communicate with my guides and your guides to remind you why you have chosen to be here (The answer is in you, we help coax it out). A past life or a loved one that has passed into non-physical, may give you some clues about your purpose in this lifetime. This information can be used to move forward and expand your consciousness or it may help you deal with any “challenges” that could be holding you back from your soul’s true purpose-your True Self. You may receive validation for events in your life as well as make connections to past events that are affecting your life now.

Every reading is different. Spirit runs the show and they write a pretty good script! I ask that you come with an open heart and open to receive. Clients come back for additional readings as they evolve and do the ‘work.’ You can call me a cobbler–I mend souls.

You will always get what you need. Are you ready?

Lincoln in Portland
Donna with Abe in Portland, OR


Disclaimer: I am NOT a Dr., nor do I play one on TV.  If you are having a serious health challenge, please see whatever brand of Dr. you choose or I can help you locate one.  Any advice or direction I give is meant purely for your support and growth.  Nothing I prescribe or advise has been evaluated by the FDA or any medical profession.