Donna and her daughter, Carly

What to Expect

Every reading is different. In addition, every reading you do with Donna, will be different. Some clients see her once a month. If you are interested in speaking with Donna or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her. There is no charge if you have any questions regarding what a reading ‘looks’ like. Also, take a look at the testimonials page to view past client’s experiences with Donna.

A Reading With Donna:

The session starts with a simple phrase, “I am open to receive.” Spirit then knows it is time to go to work.

Spirit speaks through Donna using words, images, hand gestures and channeling. Donna sees, senses, hears, smells, and feels Spirit. You could experience a past life, a conversation with a loved one in spirit, your spirit guide or your Higher Self.

Spirit will tell you what you need to know first and foremost—in this present time—for your evolution. They run the show during a reading. During a reading, Donna asks you to respond with ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ or ‘Maybe’ when spirit asks a question. She wants spirit to do the work and not you. There will be more than enough time to ask questions about what was just presented or if you have any other questions or wish to speak with someone in non-physical.

The lesson is in the message and there is always a message in one of Donna’s readings. Are you open to receive?

Donna’s readings are a healing for the soul. Treat these as you would any other healing session. Drink plenty of water and get a good night’s rest after your time with Donna.

You are welcome to record your session with Donna. Donna records them as well and can send them to you via email. She will ask your permission to use any of your reading for her future books.

This is what a client wrote explaining Donna’s readings:
“I have had several (readings) with her that have been very powerful. A soul may want to communicate but most of my messages were from my guides or Higher Self, with images of my journey and sometimes past lives. Donna does not try to make contact with anyone in particular – she just can open to what is coming through in the moment. The listener can take the message however one chooses – but they are meant to foster whatever choices and lessons might be appropriate.”

From Donna: The following is Donna’s experience with spirit and what happens after our soul leaves our physical body.

First, let me say, I DO believe all of us have the ability to communicate with Spirit; whether it is our angels, loved ones who have passed, guides, or Archangels. That being said, it takes practice and a commitment to do that. Yes, there are some mediums who are “born this way.”  I found out about 2 years ago that I was born with this gift, however, because my family didn’t believe I was seeing spirit, I pushed it under the rug. It took almost 40 years for it to come back to me..All in perfect timing.

This was a past life soul plan for me. Jerry Hicks appearing to me, reminded me of that. I’ve dedicated the last four years (ever since he appeared to me) to practice my connection to Spirit and re-member why I am here. My readings are about helping you to hear Spirit so you too can re-member why you are here and to help you clear away what may be holding you in 3-D world. It is my passion to support the current shift of soul consciousness through 4-D and  into 5-D and beyond.

According to Spirit, and what I now know (from connecting with those in Spirit), we all pass into non-physical. There are many levels there (there is the new here) and it is right here beside us, just beyond what many people have described as a veil (there really is no veil, it was a block we created to keep us separate from spirit so that we may re-learn how close we actually are). If you choose you can come back into physical. Everyone has the opportunity to learn their lessons in non-physical or come back for another try on the Earth plane. You can review your most recent past life in movie form as many times as you like, once you cross into non-physical. This is called your life review.

There are non-physical souls who have taken with them the characteristics that held them back while on the physical plane. That is their choice also. We can help them here in physical by sending them love and letting them know their guides are right in front of them. I have helped—with the support of my guides and clients—many souls walk into their own light.

It is my intention to be a clear channel for spirit so that I may help you with the inner work while you are here in physical.

This is my humble experience and knowing.



In person, SKYPE, FaceTime, or phone.

All payments are received with love and gratitude.

$100 for a one hour session. (If you’d like longer, please let me know.)

I also offer a sliding scale. My goal is to make this type of healing available to all. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

All payments must be received via PayPal before your reading. Through PayPal you can pay with a credit card or through a bank account. It’s very easy to do and if you are unfamiliar with it or with Skype, I am available to help you. (please let me know if you are not comfortable paying online and we can work something out)

Receive 30% off when booking 3 or more private readings.
Recording available.
(Payment can be made in advance via check or Paypal)


All groups are $45 per person for 5 or more people (maximum 20*)

Messages From Spirit  

Donna will give quick messages to all participants. These may include messages from loved ones, spirit guides or pets! Every participant is guaranteed 2 or more messages!

Answers Without Questions            

During this event, each guest will be asked to fill out a card with their name. All of the cards are then folded and put into a basket. Donna will take one folded card at a time out of the basket and begin to write a channeled message from spirit without opening the card. Each guest will receive a message from either a guide, a loved one or their higher self. Donna will also answer questions and weave stories of her own journey during this very exciting, informative, and enlightening event.

Magic Dictionary                                                                                                

Donna connects with her good friend Diane in spirit world for a magical night. Each guest will fill out a card/billet with their name. The cards are folded and put into a basket. Donna will take one folded card at a time out of the basket and allow spirit to “show” her a word from the Magic Dictionary. She does this with her eyes closed, allowing spirit to guide her to the page and word from the dictionary. Donna will read the word and definition once and then unfold the card to reveal who it is for. Donna will then give spirit’s interpretation of the word (a channeled message) for each guest. Each word will be just what you need for your personal evolution. You can read more about the Magic Dictionary here.

Group Q & A – FREE – (Two hours)

Donna will answer questions from the group about anything! You provide the space and the group. FREE.

Each participant will receive $15 off a private reading!


These classes can vary from a 4 hour class to a 2 day workshop. Contact Donna for more info.

Spiritual Development Classes:

Meditation, Contacting Spirit Guides, Past Lives.
Classes also include: spirit writing, raising your vibration, how you can hear spirit, partner work and fun intuition building exercises.


Workshop with Donna:


An Afternoon with Jerry Hicks

An Afternoon with President Abraham Lincoln

You can receive a FREE private reading when you book a group reading or class at your home.
(5 or more people)
Contact me for details.

*Group Message Services for more than 20 people, please contact me.

Every reading is different.  Come with no expectations and an open heart and mind. Spirit will always give you what you need for your soul’s evolution at this time.