Donna drumming

In This Episode, Death is Life After Life:

  • Here to learn a lesson… sometimes more than one
  • Choices here and there. In-between world
  • The many pieces of your soul
  • Planes of Spirit World – What are they used for
  • Life Review
  • Lessons there or incarnate
  • Not every Spirit communicates the same way
  • There is no veil in-between worlds. It’s a vibration/frequency


Lessons: Souls are either young/haven’t experienced many lifetimes, or have been here many times. Each time you have a lesson. If you don’t figure out that lesson, you get it again in the next one. You set up many blocks, many people, (contracts) to help you learn them OR to give you the opportunity to back out of them. Diane’s story here

Choices: Soul plan. Arrows you set for yourself. Life choices here in physical.