Body Cleansing

I'd like to start this page with some daily health practices that I've, over the years, come to realize are very important for your overall health and well-being.

Morning routine: Toxins move up to the mouth overnight. Hence, the 'morning breath' and that feeling of carpet tongue. The object is to get these toxins out and not swallow them back into the body.

This is my morning routine.

I do not eat or drink anything until I do the following—in this order:

Tongue scraping. If you do not have a tongue scraper, you can use a spoon...I do. Scrape the tongue from the back to the front. You will see some morning there may be more on your tongue than other days.

Oil pulling. This is a fabulous practice. The oils you would use are coconut oil or sesame oil. There are many sites out there that explain this practice in detail. I'll give you this advice...Make sure your coconut oil is organic, pure, unrefined cold-pressed, extra virgin. I like this one and it comes in a big container because I use coconut oil for everything. Coconut oil should never be spit in the sink. There is a risk of it congealing and then clogging your pipes. Spit it in your trash.

You take a teaspoon full of oil and swish it through your mouth thoroughly; in-between all your teeth and then spit it out.

My preference, right now, is water or mouth-wash swishing. I gag too much...just can't do it. You do the best you can.

After swishing, I brush my teeth with a dab of toothpaste (fluoride and SLS free) and a dab of coconut oil (I get it in there anyway for its antibacterial properties). Eventually, when I finish the tubes of toothpaste I have, I may start using a mix of coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil. I haven't decided yet. It's hard to find a really good, inexpensive toothpaste. And I have an electric toothbrush! That's a given. It is the best way to get at every part of your teeth.

After all this is done, I then drink my water with any supplements I'm taking at the moment. I do not eat until later in the day. I will drink green juice (I don't have a juicer right now, but Costco has a great organic green juice and I buy that) or a smoothie (I've had a Vitamix for almost 20 years and it still keeps ticking. I replaced the motor at 10 years, so a refurbished one may be an option for you). I keep to all raw as long as I can during the day. In the evening sometime...after 4, I'll eat a meal. Could be whatever my body is craving at the time. When you eat consciously, your body begins to tell you what it needs.

Evening routine:

I use a water pik every night. I will also use it during the day if I've eaten something that has gotten in-between my teeth. I don't want it sitting there all day. I have a battery operated, inexpensive brand that works fine. When it comes time to replace this one, I will get a self-charging one.

Then I brush my teeth using the same protocol as I do in the morning. I might rinse with mouthwash or use my dental picks.

Once a day or a few times a week, I will use soft pick toothpicks, like these. They are great for traveling and to use while driving. I always have them on hand.

I also dry skin brush as much as I can. It's important to do this at least before you shower. I do it in the shower so the skin flakes don't get all over the floor. Gross.

If you have fluoridated city water, you also have a host of chemicals in your water...the water you drink and the water you shower or bathe in. As skin is the largest organ in your body, I would consider a filter in your shower as well as your home for drinking. I have not found a good shower filter that takes out fluoride...yet. I get my drinking water from the local store (refill containers) where they use a great system that satisfies me. Then I will put trace minerals (I like these) in something that I drink once a day. Filtered water pulls out the minerals too. If you are fortunate enough to have a system that makes alkaline water, that's your best bet, but not all of us can afford that. That's why I drink a lot of live juices...cucumber, watermelon.


The following are articles I wrote over 8 years ago for an online health site and are still pertinent today. I’ve added a 2017 update for each one. The best we can do is stay up-to-date with the latest and honor our bodies by being conscious of what we put in and on them. 


2017 Update: The shift of's been happening. I laughed when I reread this one. Shifts are happening constantly and each soul feels something different and timeframe is not always the same for everyone. We've come to this planet to learn and that learning continues until the day we leave our physical body and enter the in-between world of spirit. What I now know is, raising your vibration is something that everyone can do and will affect your body and soul, your outer awareness, and the people you come in contact with every day.  Cleansing the physical body will allow for a deeper connection to your true Self; it starts a process and life is a process.

This is the original article:

Could This Be Your Time?

I’ve been hearing so much about all the shifts in the universe these last months.  Is this the time for you to shift?  What do you need to do to shift?  What are you experiencing these days?  Is there struggle?  Is there drama?  Is there something pushing you from behind?  How can you use these struggles and difficulties?

Most of you know I am closing the business that I’ve had for 20 years and moving to another state.  Big changes, right?  I’m ready.  I’ve been ready and preparing for quite some time now.  A good friend of mine decided a few weeks ago to start eating healthier.  What was it that caused her shift?  She certainly has heard me talk about adding living foods and decreasing processed foods for many years.  So why now?  Why is she now reading these blogs I’ve been writing when I’ve been writing them for over six months?  Very simply put; it was her time.

Another friend of mine I had always felt was struggling with our conversations about shifts.  But the struggle was within me, not just the idea of shifts. She certainly has enough skill and tools to do her work.  Today was the first day she actually opened up to what the problem was and why she didn’t exactly hear me.  She quickly changed the subject, but not before I 'heard' what my intuition had been telling me for years.  Was this my time?  Have I been doing so much clearing of the old to actually begin to accept the truth?

Let’s go back to my first friend.  She started drinking a lot more water, took out soda and her nightly handfuls of jelly beans completely.  She added more fruits and fresh veggies and was very conscious about what was coming up for her.  She called me after about two days of this and said, “What’s up with the sugar cravings?”  I laughed and said, “Ah, you are noticing you have sugar cravings?”  That’s a great first step...noticing.  In yoga we say, first acknowledge you have the feeling.  But how can you notice it if each time it comes up, you are quickly pushing it down with sugar, processed food, and/or alcohol (you know the rest)?  She’s now been walking this new lifestyle for a few weeks.  Today her phone call was, “What’s up with the nausea?”  Yep, something else to notice.  Toxins build up in the body.  They build up from past emotional struggle and from past food that has not been 'digested.'  And toxins are toxic!  The more we accumulate, the harder it is to get rid of them.  They will build up and back up.  So now, my friend, ”Are you also having some really good bowel movements” I asked? Oh yeah.  Now you are helping to get rid of those toxins.

Ok, so what can I do about these things?  Nux vomica, the homeopathic alternative for nausea, comes in those little blue vials filled with little white pellets.  You usually dissolve 5 pellets under your tongue, three times a day.  You can always find something for whatever you are experiencing in the Boiron aisle.  The bowel movements, I’m afraid, not as easy to ease.  It has to happen.  Stay close to a bathroom and just know that this too shall pass (pun intended)!  Length of time?  Varies for everyone, depending on how much is in there and how much of a transition you are going for.  If you have been a standard american diet (SAD) eater, then I suggest going to vegetarian food for a bit.  Adding in more and more raw and fresh fruits and veggies.  Read, read and read some more.  Find a group or person in your area that have some experience with living food and detox.  Drink, and drink some more green smoothies!  Add the high water content veggies like, cucumber and celery to your diet.  My friend didn’t go completely raw.  She did what she felt comfortable with. It was her time.

Louise Hay has some great things to say about nausea….Fear, rejecting and idea or experience.  Your mantra?  “I am safe.  I trust the process of life to bring only good to me.”

I’ve been doing a lot of EFT (tapping).  Have you checked into that yet?  Sure, I have my bad days.  My cat got sick again, my brother lost his job this week; I could add more about my life, but the good news is….I feel great!  It’s my time.  Is this your time?

None of these statements should not take the place of your primary health care physician.

2017 Update:  I love fasting and lately it feels even better to me to go with only liquid for most of the day. Right now I follow a 'raw or liquid till 4' lifestyle. I only drink water, green juice, or raw snacks, until 4pm or later each day, then I'll eat either a raw meal or a small cooked meal. I am off dairy and sugar...again. This time it feels different. Each time feels better than the last.

Fasting from dinner until dinner the next day is a wonderful way for the body to recharge and heal. The body needs energy to heal, and if we are constantly digesting cooked and processed foods, the body does not have that energy. All of it is going to the process of digestion, and in most cases, it can't even to that. Many of us have undigested food in our colon. John Wayne died with 40lbs of fecal matter in his did Elvis. I don't want the coroner telling my daughter, upon my death, that her mother was 'full of shit.' 🙂

If you are eating 3 meals a day, your bowel movements should typically be 3 times a day. If they aren't, consider a colonic. Do your research or contact me and I'll help. Dis-ease, toxins—emotional and environmental—are held in the body, mostly in the colon and undigested food/fecal matter. Toxins want out...we want them any way we can. If we are not pooping them out, they will find another way out; tears, vomit, urination, sweat. So, what does this tell us? If you are not pooping on a daily basis, there is a jam up somewhere. Let's start pooping!

This is the original article:

Are You Ready For A Fast?

I get so many of my “ah ha” moments from what 'happens' to me and who comes into my life.  It’s all about the lessons we learn every day; not just on the day we want or the time we want.  Being open to what presents itself to you on a daily basis is truly living in the present moment.  Last week I heard a story about a woman who had gained some weight, but only in her stomach.  She thought it was age and started a diet, but when her stomach didn’t shrink at all she thought about another symptom she had (I didn’t know about that one) and decided to get a colonoscopy.  Jump to the end of this very sad story...that doesn’t happen too often in this small town I live in...she had a massive tumor in her colon that was causing her stomach to protrude.  Her surgery was yesterday.  When I heard that I immediately said to myself, “I need to do a liquid fast.”

I’ve fasted many days in the last 5 years or so.  Usually I do a one day fast.  That’s no food, no chewing, just liquid.  The liquid varied depending on whatever I felt like that day.  The day after the fast, was usually light or all raw food.  Wikipedia defines fasting as this “the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.  A fast may be total or partial concerning that from which one fasts, and may be prolonged or intermittent as to the period of fasting.  Fasting practices may preclude sexual activity as well as food, in addition to refraining from eating certain types or groups of foods…..A complete fast in its traditional definition is abstinence of all food and liquids except for water.”  If you are healthy, a one or two day liquid fast could be something to try.

Here’s what I did the other day: The first day I juiced one cucumber and one long stalk of celery and then drank nothing but water or water with fresh squeezed lemon for the rest of the day.  Was it difficult?  To be honest, it usually is.  I typically will fight it the whole day and think about food all day.  But this time, it wasn’t.  I kept saying to myself, “I’m not going to die if I don’t eat.  I’ll be fine.  The food will still be there tomorrow.”   The “feeling” of not having enough is pretty common.  And to top it off?  They had a going away party for me that night at the yoga studio where I teach, complete with many treats, even raw treats.  I felt fine not eating and I wasn’t guilty about the food that was brought and I didn’t partake in.   I knew if I started chewing anything, even raw food, my mind would want more.  I was determined to go the whole day and then see what tomorrow would bring.  I had some emotional stuff to go through that night and it was all very clear.  Without my body having to digest food, my mind was totally supported in processing the “stuff” of the day.  The next day I had another cucumber/celery juice and drank water.  I ate some nuts and a peach in the afternoon and then I had a tuna sandwich that evening.  The next day (that’s today) I have had only lemon water.  And that is my plan for the rest of the day.

You see?  Whatever you can do, whatever it is, your body will be very happy with it.  The body could sure use a rest from digestion.  Parts of the nervous and circulatory systems play major roles in the digestive process.  Here’s a great site for reading about the digestive process. Just reading what food and drink have to do to get through the body made me tired.  And our goal is to eat the right food, so that the correct nutrients can be absorbed and used by the body.  Fasting is a perfect way to give the body a rest in order for the mind and body to be able to do what it is inherently supposed to do, and that is to HEAL ITSELF!

There are many different kinds of fasting and cleansing.  I just heard about a book that talks about taking out 5 things from your diet for a 21 day cleanse.  They were dairy, alcohol, coffee, sugar, and gluten.  Whatever you can do for however long you can do it; there isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to fasting.  Don’t put that judgement on yourself.  It’s okay.  Think about more raw food, less processed food.  How about just a one day fast?  I’m right there with you.  Today’s the day for you…or maybe tomorrow.

What can you do when the end of the day comes and you really want to eat something?  I do these things:  Go upstairs and read a book, get as far away from the kitchen as possible. Take a walk.  Drink a very large glass of water.  Brush my teeth.  Talk to a friend.  Play with my cat.

Sending you feelings of health and well being.

Please consult your primary health care physician for fasting lasting more than two days or if you are suffering from any medical problems for which you are under the care of a doctor. This information is presented for informational purposes only.