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Why This and Why Now?

So much is shifting in our physical and emotional bodies, not to mention on our planet. This is truly the time to go inside and feel the present moment and everything it offers for our shift of ‘soul consciousness.’

Congratulations! You have found your way to this site and to one of the missing pieces of your soul’s evolution. I’ve spent many years discovering my soul/connecting to my higher self. After much inner work and outer awareness, I can say that I have found my soul purpose. My new role as a medium and connecting to the souls that are still here just in a different form, have given me a new understanding of ‘life after death.’ Death is not an end, it’s another beginning.

I’ve been following a very interesting path since my 20’s. Some of my family were involved with the living food lifestyle and I listened as well as experimented with many versions of food; vegetarian, fruitarian, raw, vegan…even no food (fasting). In Vermont, I opened a yoga studio and immersed myself in yoga and meditation. That was almost 20 years ago.

When I made the choice to close my business in Vermont, I trusted the Universe to show me the way. I traveled and settled in Virginia, where I began some intense work with my Spirit Guides. I ‘saw’ Spirit as a child and knowing what I know now, I stuffed it down to explore other avenues of growth. Most of them weren’t pleasant, but had to be done. We all have lessons here. Our lessons don’t always look like someone else’s, but the underlying theme usually is the same: self-worth, judgement, anger, shame, guilt, denial…and so on and so forth.

When Spirit showed themselves to me again, I was better equipped. I set an intention to share their message only when I could do it with confidence, clarity, and continuity. That meant I needed to practice it in my own life first (experience), and then continue and grow from that knowledge (soul expansion). I had some great opportunities at that time to practice this ‘work’ every day. I used my job, my relationships, and my own thoughts as the teachers. I became the pupil. I removed any outer blame and created space within me to receive the answers. The answer can always be found ‘within.’

With a background in yoga and meditation, talking to Spirit world came easily. With practice, the lessons from Spirit became very clear for me and I soon realized these messages were ones that others could benefit from also, in their own way.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what your true purpose is, this is the place to ponder some things. Many of the ideas and practices I share are meant to start you thinking—take you outside your box—and bring you closer to your True self/your Higher self/your Soul. This is the time for our souls to expand. We are connected in more ways than you think. We are ONE soul. What you feel, I feel…because I am you.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’d like to know more about my work as a medium, click here.

Life is about to get very interesting. I look forward to speaking with you on so many levels!

Cheers to our evolution!


Cobbler, I mend souls.

Donna Boyle

Donna Boyle is a medium, embodier, writer, Reiki healer, and teacher of yoga, meditation, and consciousness. Her connection to souls in the non-physical world has only deepened her own spiritual practice and allowed her to realize her own soul purpose in this lifetime. Today she works with clients individually and in groups as a clear channel for spirit, bringing guidance to spark their own soul journey. The journey begins within. Let’s start an evolution!


Camp Chesterfield, Chesterfield, IN 2014-2015

Living on Live Food: Alissa Cohen, 2006

Reiki: Certified, 2005

Postural Restoration – Postural Restoration Institute:
Postural Respiration, 2005
Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration, 2006

Certified Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher:
Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Janice Clarfield, 2004

Certified Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Teacher:
Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, Basic Certification
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 2001

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